I love designing title sequences for movies, but it took me a while to figure out that it was my calling. I grew up in the Midwest, a total movie geek. I was such a fan of Hitchcock and DePalma that I would audiotape their movies, only to wear out the cassette tapes by listening to them over and over in my car.

I ended up in film school, which then landed me in the art department on a couple of independent features. The experience was okay, but then one film changed things. The film's tight schedule prevented us from shooting a very prop-heavy opening title sequence. I offered to do an animated version if the director would buy me a copy of After Effects. I learned the software, met the deadline ended up making a fun, clever sequence. But most importantly I knew what I wanted to be.

So I moved to L.A. to study title design and animation at the American Film Institute, and embarked on the path of becoming a title designer. Since then, I've had the chance to work on some small movies, and some big ones. I've made animated shorts, and content for documentaries. I've made a few movie posters too. And now I'm up for all of it. I love collaborating with a team, and sinking into a project to make it better. So here I am, an art director/designer for hire in L.A. Lets make something cool!